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PASIC 2018 - The Coolest Stuff in the Convention Hall

November 21st by Alex Howley

PASIC this year was, as usual, a decadent experience for anyone who's ever played a drum or percussion instrument. There's always a ton of new stuff that gets released at this show, so we thought we'd give you a rundown on some of the new models you might have missed.


Our Amplify seminar this year was a hit - standing room only almost all day Friday. If you weren't able to make it to our sound system seminar at PASIC this year, don't worry! You can still check out what you missed and download all of the presentation slides, free of charge.

Black Swamp

Limited Edition Kentville Drum Head Tambourine

This beautiful, limited run of tambourines honestly had me obsessed at the show. The moment I played one I was beyond impressed. The extra-durable kangaroo hide head will last as long as a synthetic head, and the jingles sound great. On top of all of that, they just look really, really cool.


Limited Edition Special Anniversary Flat Ride

In honor of Dream's 10th anniversary, this 24" small bell flat ride features a hand-applied patina finish with a rich, dry sound that nabs your ear and doesn't let it go.


Dixson Bass Drum Lift

This simple, but clever, little device has two main uses - first, it'll let your bass drum resonate more fully and at a lower fundamental pitch by getting it off the ground. Second, it lets you clamp your pedal to it - meaning your bass drum's hoop will stay free of wear and tear!


Curved Gong Stand

This stand features sleek curves and a wide base, and is built with round rack tubing so you can add accessories! It's extremely sturdy, which lets you safely add cymbals or other accessories you might need in an orchestra or wind ensemble performance.


Catalina Club Blue Satin Flame Drum Set

This gorgeous drum set won Drum Magazine's "Best Under $1000" drum set award, and just look at it - clearly it lives up to the hype.

Sneak Peak: 2019 Special Edition Ebony Satin Catalina Special Edition Drum Set

If you're looking for a truly unique drum set, Gretsch will be doing limited runs of a variety of Catalina Special Edition kits starting next year. With only 75 being made in a variety of different wood types and finishes, there will be 300 total to choose from - but then they're gone!

Innovative Percussion

Jauvan Gilliam Series Timpani Mallets

Jauvan Gilliam Timpani Mallets feature a black German felt and a coated bamboo shaft. They have a dark tone and an agile lineup to give you everything you could need in performance!

Sandi Rennick Vibraphone Mallets

The extremely popular Sandi Rennick series of mallets has added a vibraphone selection! Designed for versatility and clarity, these mallets offer a shimmering sound that will create a clear separation between sections.

Mark Ford Series Rhapsody Mallets

These concerto-style mallets produce a clear articulation across the range of a marimba, and are built on unfinished, natural birch handles. Large rubber cores are wrapped with cord, which responds quickly at all dynamic ranges.

William Moersch Series Marimba Mallets

These mallets are a welcome addition to one of IP's most popular series of mallets, and are similar to the original Moersch mallets. The synthetic yarn is wrapped around a rubber core, instead of the plastic core in the originals, making for a deep, warm sound with a rich fundamental.

Artisan Series Marimba Mallets

This offering comes as something of a replacement for the Zivkovic series, which was discontinued in 2018. These mallets are extraordinarily versatile, with fine grading between models to help you find exactly the hardness you want. The synthetic yarn has a dense wrap around cedar or rattan shafts.


Box Cajon

This clever cajon features a removable base and a whole lot of versatility. You can sit on a throne and play the top, or you can connect a kick drum pedal and use it as a bass drum!


4.3-Octave Reflection Series Marimbas

Last year, Majestic rolled out their innovative Reflection Series Marimbas, with dozens of design elements that make it easy to set up, tear down, transport, and adjust entirely by yourself. Now, this marimba is also offered in a 4.3-octave variant for those looking for a smaller and more affordable alternative!


Student Model Padauk Keyboards

These student model keyboards are a huge new offering from Malletech. You can get a 4.3 or 5.0-octave marimba, with resonators, that sounds and feels like a professional quality instrument for a significantly more digestible price. They also offer a smaller and more affordable xylophone option!

Warren Wolf Albright Series Mallets

The Albright mallets are a classic mallet series that Malletech acquired rights to produce. These mallets are extra-short, with a top-balanced feel that makes it extra easy to play fast and accurate! They are similar to the classic design, but they have a modern flair to them that makes them an exciting new addition.


Black Panther Design Lab Drum Sets

In an exciting demonstration, new innovations from Mapex's Design Lab were announced to the world! These drum sets feature a number of design elements that make this drum set really versatile. The maple/mahogany shells are designed to have a "pre-processed," hi-fi sound that can be tailored to the specs of the player!

Their Magnetic Air Adjustment Tom Suspension hardware and attenuating floor tom legs let you adjust the length of your drums resonance by altering where they connect with their hardware or the floor.

Their reinforcement rings and shell thickness are designed to give you a "pre-muffled" sound, meaning you don't need a pillow in your bass drum to get a punchy sound. Three re-rings in the kick drum, including one right in the center, help attenuate standing waves - in other words, you won't get the "springy" resonance that causes so many problems through microphones!

Massimo Mallets

Reverse Tornado Chime Mallets

These mallets make chime playing easy! The extremely dense synthetic material is on a long wooden stick, letting you access the back row of chimes with perpindicular contact without having to turn the mallet sideways.

Micro-Bead Pillow Trap Towel

This may seem like just another black towel, but it has an important improvement - the micro-bead pillow that keeps your sticks and mallets from moving. Even with a stand getting knocked or shaken, the sticks can't roll off the end of a stand! The dimensions let it sit on a typical Manhasset-sized music stand perfectly.


Cardboard Cajon

Although this product isn't brand new, seeing it on the show floor reminded me just how cool it is. With a price point well below any other cajon, it's also extremely portable - literally breaking down to fit into a box. The only "ingredients" in this cajon are cardboard, rubber bands, and snare wires.


New Hand Cymbals/Orchestral Cymbals

Paiste is breaking back into the orchestral business with these, which are just a sneak peak of what's to come - they aren't for sale quite yet!


Keith McMillan Controllers

Following the success of the Malletstation, these keyboard controllers & sampling pads are affordable and portable, making them excellent for fitting carefully into a synth setup, or for percussion composers on-the-go!


Round Tip Rebound 5A, 55A, 7A, and 5B

These responsive, dynamic drum sticks are made of maple and come with a long taper and a round bead, which makes all of them great for jazz and other styles that require a lot of intricacy and articulation. They also come in a standard or long configuration, so you can find the perfect feel for your playing.


Pink & Purple Colortone

A simple addition, but a great one, Remo is adding two more colors to their Colortone series, which will certainly grace transparent acrylic kits everywhere.


Center-Hammered Triangle

Sabian's hand-hammered triangles are up there with the most popular and widely-used triangles ever. Now, there's an option for a center-hammered triangle - meaning you can get a pure, clear tone by playing where it's not hammered, and you can get more overtones playing where it is! These gorgeous triangles are made of B8 Phosphor Bronze.


Concert Toms

Tama released their new maple double-headed concert toms at this show, and as usual, they are paired with some cool innovations - namely, their tiltable concert tom stands than allow extra playability and make it easier to fit a set of concert toms into your setup! The adjustable stand allows near infinite adjustment, which makes sure they sit in the perfect spot every time.


Jamal Series Instruments

These frame drums, djembes, and other world percussion instruments are designed with a dense PVC material and are fully tunable, making for an extremely durable, versatile, and affordable option for people looking to play world percussion music.


Extended Play & Stick Shield

Kind of the equivalent of stick tape for drum set sticks, only it looks way better and lasts longer. Now you can get a 5A, 5B, Power 5A, Power 5B, and 3A Extended Play models with the same balance and feel but way, way more durability.


DTX402 Drum Set

This electronic drum set is an educational tour and a powerful instrument all in one. It comes with functionality for two different apps - one that allows you to practice nailing your timing, dynamics, and sight-reading, all with intelligent accuracy detection, and one that lets you record and share your performances instantly! On-board sounds are in full stereo, with professional-quality samples.

Alex started working here in 2015. He's a drummer, a producer, a Boston Crusaders alumnus, and a writer. These days, he makes all kinds of different music as a percussionist and an audio engineer.

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