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Phage by Pat Muchmore

Model # 00049 By: OU Percussion Press
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  • Overview

    • For 13 Percussionists
    • Two Motives are Introduced
    • The Second Motive "Infects" the First Motive
    • The Piece Ends in a Loud Destructive Collision of Sound
    • Difficulty: Advanced
    • Duration: 9:30 Minutes
  • Item Details

    Phage by Pat Muchmore is a programmatic work for percussion ensemble that depicts the infection of a bacteria cell by a T-4 bacteriaphage. This is a process where the infection is able to connect to a bacteria cell and inject its own DNA, effectively taking over the cell.

    All of this, in musical terms, is depicted with two motives. There is the 'host' motive which is depicted at the beginning in the marimba orchestra and 'phage' motive which appears later and slowly takes over the host.

    When the motives come together, it is a violent struggle as the two ideas struggle for dominance before both are eventually destroyed - depicted by the loud and destructive ending.


    • Player 1: 4 Octave Marimba
    • Player 2: 4.0 Octave Marimba
    • Player 3: 4.0 Octave Marimba
    • Player 4: 4.5 Octave Marimba, Medium Suspended Cymbal, China Cymbal
    • Player 5: 5.0 Octave Marimba, Medium Suspended Cymbal
    • Player 6: Vibraphone
    • Player 7: Vibraphone, Crash Cymbal
    • Player 8: Bells, Brake Drum, Xylophone
    • Player 9: Crotales, Three Tam Tams (shared), Temple Blocks, Field Drum
    • Player 10: Castanets, Cabasa, Five Concert Toms, Medium Low Suspended Cymbal, Crash Cymbals, Two Tam Tams (shared)
    • Player 11: Tam Tam (shared), Chimes, Log Drum, Low Suspended Cymbal
    • Player 12: Maraca, China Cymbal, Bass Drum, Two Tam Tams (shared)
    • Player 13: Timpani (4)

    Duration: 9:30

    Difficulty: Advanced

  • Specifications

    Name Phage by Pat Muchmore
    Brand OU Percussion Press
    Model # 00049
    UPC Code [Error processing dynamic tag getCurrentAttribute('item', 'upccode') : record invtpart 115471 not found]
    Sold By each
    Number of Orchestra Bells1
    Number of Crotales1
    Number of Vibes2
    Number of Chimes1
    Number of Pans
    Number of Xylophones
    Number of Marimbas5
    Number of Timpani Sets4
    Includes Rhythm Section
    Item Weight
    Response Frequency Range
    Amount of Phantom Power Required
    Connector Type
    Microphone Type
    Polar Pattern
    Number of Voices
    Number of Drum Set Samples
    Sequencer Details
    Display Type & Size
    Number & Type of Connections
    Type of Power Supply
    Octave Range
    Length of Warranty
    Hoop Type 
    Sub Type 
    What's Included
    Surface Type 
    Included Equipment 
    Drum Head Type 
    Number of Mallets13
    Number of Performers13
    Drive Type 
    Footboard Length 
    Transportation Method 
    Number of Drums 
    Part Type 
    Practice Pad Options 
    Seat Type 
    Author/ComposerMuchmore, Pat
    Minimum Tube Size
    Bore Size
    Bell Size
    Includes Tuning Slide Trigger
    Marching Tuba Type
    Number of Valves
    Exterior Material 
    Interior Material 
    Includes Head
    Is Mountable
    Bowl Material 
    Bowl Type
    Includes Gauges
    Number of Plies
    Collar Type
    Shaft Material 
    Carrier Connection Type
    Mount Type
    Compatible Brands
    Playing Position
    Is Tiltable
    Leg Type
    Maximum Instrument Size
    Minimum Instrument Size
    Number of Feet 
    Base Type
    Is Height Adjustable 
    Thread Size
    Cymbal Finish
    Maximum Height
    Synth Stand Type
    State List!None!
    Jingle Rows 
    Compatible With 
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