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30 New Year’s Resolution Ideas For the Eager 2019 Percussionist

January 3rd, 2018 by Alex Howley

Coming up with realistic New Year’s Resolutions can be a challenge - trying to learn your limitations, and then exceed them, is an internal roadblock we’re all trying to overcome.

That said, we have compiled a list of some ideas for you to run with this year! And if you want to repay our extreme generosity a share on social media always goes a long way toward paying it forward which is a common and good New Year's Resolution as well 🤗

Without further ado, here are 30 ideas to kick off your 2019 the right way:

1) Relax your wrists, elbows, and shoulders

Return to the fundamentals in 2019! Make sure your posture is squared away and you’re set up for success before you even play a note.

2) Pick a rudiment or fundamental every month and focus on just that one

Again, it’s always good to stick to the basics, and if we’re being honest with ourselves, we all have that one rudiment we were just never very good at (And if you’re being honest with yourself, your rudiments always have room to improve, too).

3) Keep a practice journal

Logging hours and what you’ve worked on is nearly universally viewed as one of the best ways to make your practicing more concise and efficient.

4) Expand your musical tastes

Explore new genres of music and percussion. Never been very into metal drumming? Find a band you can enjoy. Don’t listen to jazz? Expand your horizons! Never heard of progressive post-classical nu-metal funk fusion? Neither have we, but you never know where you'll find something you're passionate about.

5) Use percussion to unite people

Percussion should be used to bring people together, not just to compete or perform! Create drum circles, community fundraisers, solve world hunger, and create world peace.

6) Relax your wrists, elbows, and shoulders

Return to the fundamentals in 2019! Your posture still needs work.

7) Start a band

And if you want to be popular, just add random, “eclectic” sounds. Grab some garbage from around the house and you might just be the next Alt-J.

8) Go to PASIC

PASIC is an excellent opportunity to learn more about your field. This advertisement is brought to you by the Percussive Arts Society Outreach Committee for Percussive Excellence through High 2019 PASIC Attendance.

9) Play 8s at 300

Nike. Just do it.

10) Support your artistic friends more

Your friends are often just as passionate as you are. If they create something artistic, bet on them (not literally though, it will go badly).

11) Relax your wrists, elbows, and shoulders

You’re never going to play 8s at 300 by tensing up like that.

12) Start going to the gym

No New Year’s Resolution is complete without a few January trips to the gym that slowly peter out into shame and regret.

13) Quit social media (after you share this article)

Social media is, according to every article and videos on the all-knowing internet, literal hell on earth.

14) Finally learn to play book reports

DIGA da chut diga DIGA da chut diga DIGA da chut diga DIGA da chut diga DIGA da chut diga DIGA da chut diga DIGA da chut diga DIGA da chut diga DIGA da chut diga

15) Play 8s at 400

If you can actually do this, you probably don’t need this list.

16) Fall in love

Find the Pam to your Jim, the Ben Wyatt to your Leslie Knope, the Peanut Butter to your Jelly, the Flam to your Tap.

17) Get married

Hire a friend to provide the tunes - see #10.

18) Have children

The circle of life is the ultimate resolution.

19) Raise children

Their first word will be “paradiddle” if you play your cards right.

20) Enroll children in percussion

This was always your purpose. They were destined to join us.

21) Tell your children to relax their wrists, elbows, and shoulders

They’ll never play 8s at 300 by tensing up like that.

22) Start saving money

It’s a good idea to have at least enough money put away to cover 3-6 months of unemployment (in case of emergency).

23) Invest intelligently in stocks and bonds

Open a Roth IRA and begin planning for your financial future.

24) Become a rock star because that's the whole reason you joined sixth grade band

Follow your middle school dreams in 2019.

25) Retire

It’s been a busy year. You deserve a break.

26) Use your spare time to drum

And if, after all this, you decide drumming isn't worth the effort, don’t worry: there’s always next year.

27) Learn to tune timpani

You’ve been putting it off and you’re terrible at it.

28) Support small businesses (in the music realm)

Specifically your favorite local drum store in North Texas and Southern California with a name that starts with an L.

29) Play all 48 major & minor scales consecutively

Gotta be ready for auditions.

30) Don’t play a single flat flam all year

If you do this, you will leave the mortal realm and ascend to the heavens for eternal glory and happiness.

And that's it!

There you go! Good luck with your 2019 resolutions, and be sure to let us know if you come up with any more. Post your list in the comments below!

Alex started working here in 2015. He's a drummer, a producer, a Boston Crusaders alumnus, and a writer. These days, he makes all kinds of different music as a percussionist and an audio engineer.

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