Established 1978 We Speak Drum 1-866-792-0143 3/4" Wide Premium Stick Tape

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  • Overview

    • Stronger Than Electrical Tape
    • Longer Than Electrical Tape
    • Adhesive Won't Seep
    • Grip-Enhancing Matte Finish
    • Thinner Than Electrical Tape
  • Item Details

    Available Exclusively at Lone Star Percussion

    Tape from is stronger than normal electrical tape, which will chip and fray soon after you put it on the stick. Durability means that you won't have to retape your sticks every other show day.

    This tape is also 50% longer than the stuff you get at the hardware store, which means that a single roll will last you much longer.

    This tape is designed with a special adhesive that won't seep out under the hot summer sun, and it also won't melt - a problem that causes normal electrical tape to shrink over time.

  • Specifications

    Name 3/4" Wide Premium Stick Tape
    Model # ST75
    UPC Code
    Sold By each
    Number of Orchestra Bells
    Number of Crotales
    Number of Vibes
    Number of Chimes
    Number of Pans
    Number of Xylophones
    Number of Marimbas
    Number of Timpani Sets
    Includes Rhythm Section
    Item Weight
    Response Frequency Range
    Amount of Phantom Power Required
    Connector Type
    Microphone Type
    Polar Pattern
    Number of Voices
    Number of Drum Set Samples
    Sequencer Details
    Display Type & Size
    Number & Type of Connections
    Type of Power Supply
    Octave Range
    Length of Warranty
    Hoop Type 
    Sub Type 
    What's Included
    Surface Type 
    Included Equipment 
    Drum Head Type 
    Number of Mallets 
    Number of Performers 
    Drive Type 
    Footboard Length 
    Transportation Method 
    Number of Drums 
    Part Type 
    Practice Pad Options 
    Seat Type 
    Minimum Tube Size
    Bore Size
    Bell Size
    Includes Tuning Slide Trigger
    Marching Tuba Type
    Number of Valves
    Exterior Material 
    Interior Material 
    Includes Head
    Is Mountable
    Bowl Material 
    Bowl Type
    Includes Gauges
    Number of Plies
    Collar Type
    Shaft Material 
    Carrier Connection Type
    Mount Type
    Compatible Brands
    Playing Position
    Is Tiltable
    Leg Type
    Maximum Instrument Size
    Minimum Instrument Size
    Number of Feet 
    Base Type
    Is Height Adjustable 
    Thread Size
    Cymbal Finish
    Maximum Height
    Synth Stand Type
    State List 
    Jingle Rows 
    Compatible With 
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    We ship from centrally-located Dallas, Texas. Howdy y'all!

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    • December 1, 2012
    • by Robert P.
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    • 32
    • Author Photo
    • Micah P
    • East Lansing, MI
    • Drummer (10 yrs)
    • Pros

      • Doesn’t break as easily as hardware store electrical tape.
      • Better grip and far stronger than scotch, 3M, etc.
      • Last a ridiculously long time.
    • Cons

      • Very sticky.
      • Residue to deal with.
      • High price.
    • 5
    • Buy this tape if you want your sticks to last three times as long and have rolls last longer.
    • February 13, 2018
    • by Micah P
    • There is a reason why the top DCI/WGI groups use this tape. It lasts SO much longer than electrical tape. I’ve used virtually every common brand of electrical tape and none of them can hold a candle to this tape. When there are breaks in the tape, it does not flake off the way typical electrical tape. The rolls themselves also last substantially longer and there is a clear color available (it’s amazing). There is a residue that tends to build up in the overlap, and I always do the tightest possible overlap, so it’s very noticeable up close. If you’re willing to spend $5 a roll and wait a while, this is the best stick tape on the market. Not a lot of people understand and say, “It’s just electrical tape”, but again this lasts SO much longer than electrical tape.
    • Author Photo
    • Logan Newhouse
    • Hebron Ohio
    • Drummer (5 yrs), Student (5 yrs)
    • Pros

      • Lighter
      • More durable
      • Better Grip
    • Cons

      • Must store in plastic bag!
    • 5
    • So Much Better Than Electrical Tape
    • April 28, 2017
    • by Logan Newhouse
    • A few years ago, I decided to try out this tape instead of electrical tape. The problem that I always had with electrical tape was that it was very heavy, and and ruined the feel of a pair of sticks. It would especially throw off the balance of a pair of sticks and make them too heavy in the front if you only taped halfway up the stick. This tape eliminates that problem, because it is so light that you can't even tell the difference in feel or weight between a taped or untaped stick. Another advantage of this tape is that if you sweat while performing, like most of us do, your sticks will no longer slip around in your hands. The added durability is no joke either. Normal electrical tape will tear from rimshots immediately after you put it on, but this stuff takes months to tear. Oftentimes, my sticks break underneath the tape before I ever need to replace the tape on the sticks. This tape may cost a dollar or two more than other brands, but each roll is so much longer that it is actually cheaper per foot than Scotch tape for example. Also, since you rarely have to re-tape your sticks, the tape lasts much longer, and the extra dollar you pay per roll is completely justified. My one complaint is that if you don't store the roll in a plastic bag, it will collect fuzz and dust on the sides. However, in my experience, once you you put the tape on the sticks, it won't collect any more residue.
    • Author Photo
    • Paul M
    • California
    • Drummer (5 yrs), Student (9 yrs)
    • Pros

      • the colors
    • Cons

      • the tape itself
    • 2
    • Honestly just kinda sucks.
    • February 14, 2017
    • by Paul M
    • Its not bad. But if you want to save your sticks. Just but electrical tape instead. Its way cheaper and doesn't ruin your sticks. The colors are nice, but for drum line season, just don't. If anything use electrical tape first then wrap the the stick in the color. Overall just okay.
    • Author Photo
    • Grayson S
    • KCMO
    • Drummer (6 yrs), Student (5 yrs)
    • Pros

      • Length of roll
    • Cons

      • Gooey substance sticks to everything
      • Cost
    • 3
    • The Most In-depth Review of (Stick) Tape
    • January 27, 2017
    • by Grayson S
    • IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BUYING THIS PRODUCT I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THAT YOU READ MY REVIEW! When I first opened this product I found that the packaging was stuck all along the side of the roll. This gooey substance I have found to be the biggest downfall to StickTape. I had to lint roll everything off of the tape before I could use it, and now have to keep it in a ziploc bag so as not to get anything else stuck to it. The tape itself is average quality, not any better or worse that regular electrical tape. Just a lot more expensive. I did an experiment to check the weight value of a pair of 2.9oz sticks in which one would be fully wrapped in regular electical tape and the other with StickTape. The electrical tape weighed in at 3.2oz and StickTape weighed in at 3.1oz. In my opinion there's no reason to justify spending 3x the amount of money (not including shipping) for a 1oz weight reduction. My advice: If you're not wrapping sticks for an entire drumline, save yourself time and money by getting regular electrical tape.
    • Author Photo
    • Cole C
    • Maryville, TN
    • Drummer (11 yrs), Student (11 yrs)
    • Pros

      • Big Roll
    • Cons

      • Everything Else
    • 2
    • Terrible
    • June 25, 2014
    • by Cole C
    • When I got the tape out of the packaging, I noticed that there was a bunch of dirt/threads already on the side of the roll. After taping one stick, I noticed that where the tape overlapped the layer under it, the same dirt/grime that was on the sides - and pretty much everything else that touched the tape - was getting caught in the creases. The adhesive had gotten on the top layer of the tape, and was collecting everything that touched it. I used my shirt to try to clear some of the dirt, but the tape just collected the red coloring from my shirt! I supposed that if I got further into the roll, the adhesive would clear up. I taped two other pairs of sticks, and the same result. I took the first pair to practice. I had them in a backpack, and when I pulled them out, the black fabric and color was all up & down the stick. I am VERY displeased with this product. I may have gotten a bad roll; I’m not sure.
    • Author Photo
    • John F.
    • DeKalb, Indiana
    • Drummer (7 yrs), Student (7 yrs)
    • Pros

      • Better Grip
      • Lighter
    • Cons

      • Price
      • Out of Stock
    • 4
    • Great, But Overpriced
    • October 16, 2013
    • by John F.
    • Grip is fantastic, keeps sticks in your hands. It's also quite light. However, the fact that it's three times the price of normal tape with shipping probably isn't justified.
    • Author Photo
    • Jerry T
    • NJ
    • 5
    • Just Great
    • October 14, 2012
    • by Jerry T
    • This tape is simply amazing. A problem with taping is that it makes the sticks heavier, this doesn't happen with I was so amazed to pick up the stick and it was still just as light as the other untaped stick. It's really grippy if you want to tape the whole stic
    • Author Photo
    • Western Kramer
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • 5
    • Perfection
    • August 21, 2012
    • by Western Kramer
    • I have been using this stick tape for the last 5 years and have only ever needed 3 rolls. They last forever! If you are looking for perfection, StickTape is the name! A huge feature, if you are looking to re-tape the sticks as well, is that the sticky resin doesn’t come off the tape. You will never jeopardize sound or quality with this product.
    • Author Photo
    • Sam Wong
    • Mountain View, CA
    • 5
    • Sturdy
    • June 20, 2012
    • by Sam Wong
    • Best stick tape I've ever used, but it's not invincible. It will melt under enough heat, it will chip under enough force, but it's still hardier and more workable than regular white electric tape. Always buy this over regular tape, it's worth it.
    • Author Photo
    • Michael
    • North Carolina
    • 1
    • Beware.
    • April 25, 2012
    • by Michael
    • I might have gotten a bad roll out of a good bunch, but the roll I bought at wgi world championships had goo all over the wrong side of the tape.
    • Author Photo
    • John Hollibaugh
    • Northern TX
    • 5
    • Quality Product
    • November 11, 2011
    • by John Hollibaugh
    • I can see why so many big-name corps endorse this stick tape. It is a very high quality product. It resists the wear and tear of every day drumline activity, it is thinner than electrical tape, so it gives a very natural feel to the stick. It not at all changes the sound or tonal quality of the stick, and it is very durable. This may sound like a company description but I assure you this is coming from real world experience. I have no regrets about my purchase. Bravo!!
    • Author Photo
    • Nicholas D. Hobbs
    • Riverview, Florida
    • 5
    • The Best!
    • May 26, 2011
    • by Nicholas D. Hobbs
    • Why would any drummer spend money on new sticks then wrap them with stuff you get at a hardware store?'s Stick Tape is a great addition to your drumming supplies. This is the only tape that should wrap your sticks, EVER.