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Dynasty E-Frame Elite Series Keyboards


It's not every day a new marimba or vibraphone rolls around that truly moves the needle, yet here we are. Dynasty's E-Frame Elite Series Keyboards are laser-focused on marching band, concert band, and the broader percussion education world.


Beautiful sound, carefully hand-tuned and hand-paired sets of rosewood keys, and a near-indestructible frame are all an excellent start - but the E-Frame technology that lets you raise and lower an instrument at the click of a button (or the tap of a phone app) is a serious game-changer.

Loading and unloading has never been easier, multiple players can practice on the same instrument without getting in the way of one another's consistent setup, and you even have the option to save preset heights, which can be perfect for percussion ensemble concerts where quick setup changes are a must.

The vibraphone has a waterproof felt-wrapped gel damper pad, meaning if you get stuck in the rain with it, you just remove the felt and wash it, and wipe down the gel! The strap pedal design is extremely easy to adjust, and it means that no accidents can happen with lowering the keyboard onto the pedal and warping a dampener rod. Plus, the bars ring for ages!


If you are a band director, percussion professor, or caption head considering your next instrument or set of instruments, it would be a serious shame if you hadn't heard of these - which is why we wanted to highlight them here! Be sure to take a look at the full spread of available instruments, and learn more about the standout features below.

Rails & End Pieces

Made from solid, hand-crafted ash, these are as gorgeous as they are durable.


Built as one solid piece, you won't ever face the dreaded resonator rattle.

Hand-Tuned Rosewood Bars

Made from the premier rosewood available for marimba bars, these are hand-cut and hand-tuned one-by-one.

Removable Auxiliary Rail

This easy-to-remove Titan Field Frames auxiliary rail is made from solid steel, and is built to last a lifetime.

One-Touch Height Adjustment

Raise and lower your instrument, quickly & perfectly level, by yourself. Save up to 4 presets, and pick one at the instrument or from the phone app!

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