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Downbeat Deal: Innovative Percussion IP240 Mallets $19.95, This Weekend Only!

IP240 marimba mallets from Innovative Percussion are practically legendary at this point. They are some of the first mallets in any percussionist's bag, and for good reason: these strike an even balance between soft and hard, heavy and light, and on top of it all, the yarn they're wrapped with will last you a long time.

That is why, now through the weekend (December 12th - December 15th), you can pick up a pair of these mallets for only $19.95 a pop! Anyone who has bought mallets before knows how expensive they can be, with some costing upwards of $80 a pair. For mallets this popular, and of this quality, this price is almost unheard of, so don't wait!

Here's how to get your discount on IP240s:

  1. Put up to 4 pairs of IP240 marimba mallets in your shopping cart.
  2. Use the offer code TWOFORTY19 during checkout.

IP240 Mallets

Good up to four pairs. This promo does not include the IP240Ns (with unfinished shafts).