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Lone Star Percussion Gift Card

    • $1 - $250 A custom gift for birthdays, graduations, and first gigs! Available in any amount you choose up to $250. For gift cards above $250, please call during our normal business hours.
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    Not quite sure what to give the drummer in your life?

    A Lone Star Percussion Gift Card can be the perfect answer and couldn't be more versatile. Gift Cards can be redeemed on our web site, in our store, or over the phone. If you lose it, we can find it for you and let you know your remaining balance. The lucky recipient will be sent an email confirmation with their redeemable code and your personal message at the email address you specify above.

    If you would like to keep it a surprise, just enter your own email address and you'll receive the notification with the redemption code. Then just pass it on at the perfect time.

    If you want to hand the recipient a physical card, just let us know in the message field and we'll mail a physical card to the address you specify during checkout.

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    • Robert P.
    • Washington, VA
    • Drummer (3yrs), Teacher (4yrs)
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    • 3.5
    • I love this stand!
    • December 1, 2012
    • by Robert P.
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