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The Malletech M-Tech Marimba - An Affordable, Concert-Quality 5-Octave Instrument

August 1st, 2019 by Alex Howley

A 5 octave marimba that you can afford?

Unheard of.

And yet, here we are - with the Malletech M-Tech 5 Octave Padauk Marimba, a concert-quality instrument on a high-end frame that costs a fraction of what a rosewood instrument would cost.

"Okay, it's affordable, but doesn't that mean it sounds bad?"

While, based on the price, this question is understandable, the answer is absolutely not. Although the bars don't ring quite as long as a high-end rosewood marimba, the quality of sound that this instrument produces is pretty surprising, given what you may be used to hearing in padauk bars.

Put simply, these bars are performance-ready. They are warm, resonant, and sound great, even when compared to rosewood. Without a doubt, this instrument creates a sound that competes with instruments that cost more than twice as much!

All this about sound, and that's not even mentioning the modern features - tunable resonators in the low-end, easy height adjustment on both sides with removable hand-cranks, sturdy metal resonators, and a gorgeous frame that deserves to be seen on stage.

But of course, you're going to want to hear it for yourself - that's why we put together this video! And, love it or hate it, be sure to let us know what you think of Malletech's new creation in the comments.

Alex started working here in 2015. He's a drummer, a producer, a Boston Crusaders alumnus, and a writer. These days, he makes all kinds of different music as a percussionist and an audio engineer.

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