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Marimba Microphone Shootout

We've put together an objective shootout comparing the most popular mics used to amplify marimbas and vibraphones in marching band, drum corps, and indoor drumline. We set up the mics underneath the marimba like you would on the field, located exactly the same distances side-to-side and from diaphragm to bar.

The same musical excerpt is performed with the same mallets, with the same interpretation and dynamics. We don't discuss any pros or cons in this video - you should listen for yourself to determine which one suits your program the best. Listen for things like clarity, brightness, darkness, and low-end mushiness.


We recommended listening to this video through studio-quality headphones or speakers to hear the most intricate audible differences. Earbuds and small computer speakers do not have the capability of reproducing the often subtle differences between microphones.

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Equipment used in this video:

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