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Offworld Percussion Invader V3 Practice Pad with DarkMatter Surface

Model # V3 By: Offworld Percussion
    • $63.78 each List: $91.11, You Save: $27.33!
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  • Overview

    • DarkMatter Playing Surface
    • 360-Degree RIM Element
    • Feels Just Like a Marching Snare
    • Very Articulate Sound at All Dynamics
    • Fits all Snare Stands
  • Item Details

    The Invader V3 is one of the most popular practice pads on the market. The totally unique DarkMatter playing surface is unlike anything else out there - it's extremely articulate, feels just like a marching snare, and won't grab your sticks like regular rubber.

    The V3 has a 360-degree RIM Element around the entire circumference of the pad, letting you really work on those rimshots, rim knocks, and other patterns played on the rim of a snare drum. It's also got DarkMatter on the bottom; you can put it on almost any surface and it won't fall off (or you can put it in a snare stand).

    This pad is available with either a red or black rim - choose wisely.

  • Specifications

    Name Offworld Percussion Invader V3 Practice Pad with DarkMatter Surface
    Brand Offworld Percussion
    Model # V3
    UPC Code
    Sold By each
    Number of Orchestra Bells
    Number of Crotales
    Number of Vibes
    Number of Chimes
    Number of Pans
    Number of Xylophones
    Number of Marimbas
    Number of Timpani Sets
    Includes Rhythm Section
    Item Weight
    Response Frequency Range
    Amount of Phantom Power Required
    Connector Type
    Microphone Type
    Polar Pattern
    Number of Voices
    Number of Drum Set Samples
    Sequencer Details
    Display Type & Size
    Number & Type of Connections
    Type of Power Supply
    Octave Range
    Length of Warranty
    Hoop Type 
    Sub Type 
    What's Included
    SeriesInvader V3
    Surface Type 
    Diameter13 1/2"
    Included Equipment 
    Drum Head Type 
    Number of Mallets 
    Number of Performers 
    Drive Type 
    Footboard Length 
    Transportation Method 
    Number of Drums 
    Part Type 
    Practice Pad OptionsRim, Single-Sided
    Seat Type 
    Minimum Tube Size
    Bore Size
    Bell Size
    Includes Tuning Slide Trigger
    Marching Tuba Type
    Number of Valves
    Exterior Material 
    Interior Material 
    Includes Head
    Is Mountable
    Bowl Material 
    Bowl Type
    Includes Gauges
    Number of Plies
    Collar Type
    Shaft Material 
    Carrier Connection Type
    Mount Type
    Compatible Brands
    Playing Position
    Is Tiltable
    Leg Type
    Maximum Instrument Size
    Minimum Instrument Size
    Number of Feet 
    Base Type
    Is Height Adjustable 
    Thread Size
    Cymbal Finish
    Maximum Height
    Synth Stand Type
    State List 
    Jingle Rows 
    Compatible With 
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    We ship from centrally-located Dallas, Texas. Howdy y'all!

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    • December 1, 2012
    • by Robert P.
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    • 32
    • Author Photo
    • Jonathan H
    • 23139
    • Drummer (3 yrs), Student (3 yrs)
    • Pros

      • fits nicely on a snare drum
      • Realistic matching snare drum feel
      • softer rim
    • Cons

      • it's heavy
    • 5
    • great pad
    • December 7, 2020
    • by Jonathan H
    • I have had this pad for two years and it's the main one I use. It's great to play on and its got a good tone.
    • Author Photo
    • Justin S
    • Deerfield Beach, FL
    • Drummer (5 yrs)
    • Pros

      • Nice sound
      • Durable rim
      • Realistic feel
    • Cons

      • Not exactly portable
    • 5
    • REALLY good
    • January 27, 2019
    • by Justin S
    • Got this pad last year and I've been using it more than all my other pads. It has such a nice feel to it. Absolutely love it.
    • Author Photo
    • matthew w.
    • Dyersburg, TN
    • Drummer (4 yrs), Student (4 yrs)
    • Pros

      • great deal great sound great rim
    • Cons

      • nothing
    • 5
    • awesome sound with an awesome rim, and feels just like a marching snare
    • March 24, 2014
    • by matthew w.
    • I was very impressed with the pad, because it felt just like a marching snare when I played on it. I was also impressed with the fact that Lone Star Percussion gave me a free bracelet, a small bag of candy, and a really cool rudiment poster. Awesome pad, and I ordered it from an awesome place.
    • Author Photo
    • Cam-Canm
    • Savannah,GA
    • 5
    • LOVE DIS PAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • June 7, 2013
    • by Cam-Canm
    • its an amazing pad. i like how it fits the yamaha marching drums i march with.
    • Author Photo
    • Cole Ramey
    • Auburn, AL
    • 4
    • Wheres the wax?
    • April 10, 2013
    • by Cole Ramey
    • this pad is amazing it feel the EXACT SAME AS A MARCHING SNARE which is absolutely amazing, it is the absolute best pad ever... except the turtle wax didn't come with it... a little bottle of "armor-all" came with it. i was dissapointed because i don't have anything to clean it with now. and i wanted wax but didnt get any. also it says in the features,:"Free bottle of Wax" and that wasn't there. but besides that the pad itself is amazing. i will be contacting lonestar percussion about it, and will write another review on their customer service and if i got the wax or not. thanks for reading,, hoped it helped. :)
    • Author Photo
    • George
    • Miami
    • 5
    • January 14, 2010
    • by George
    • This is truly the perfect pad for the rudimental drummer, perfect rebound, feels just like a real marching snare. It's a MUST for any percussionist, and the price is definitely worth it.Faisal A.
    • Author Photo
    • J.D.
    • Daytona Beach, Florida
    • 5
    • Couldn't be any better
    • January 17, 2010
    • by J.D.
    • Okay so I just ordered min a week ago and I have been drumming on it for at least 15 Hours straight I used to play on thre Vic Firth 12" Double-Sided Practice Pad but I got Pad Hands like a mother-f@#$er so i got this I have been jammin' ever since
    • Author Photo
    • Maxwell
    • San Angelo Texas
    • 5
    • totally awesome!
    • February 19, 2010
    • by Maxwell
    • this pad is great! i love that u get the same articulation at piano dynamic as u would at forte. u get different sound options on different parts of the head like a real drum would. 5 out 5!
    • Author Photo
    • Matthew
    • Orlando Florida
    • 5
    • A Must Buy!
    • April 19, 2010
    • by Matthew
    • I have had this pad for four months now and it is a must for all! I play snare drum for my line and its almost identical to the feel of my actuall drum, Since reciving this pad i've been addicted hardcore XD
    • Author Photo
    • dyllon
    • north carolina
    • 5
    • best ever no questions asked
    • April 21, 2010
    • by dyllon
    • awsome pad a lil bit of playing areas a rim its extra large looks good has a rim and it double sided u will never need another pad
    • Author Photo
    • Sawyer
    • NC
    • 5
    • Pad hands are no more
    • May 1, 2010
    • by Sawyer
    • Feels likes a real snare so you can practice all day and switch over to a snare with no change in feel. This is the real deal. All other pads are inferior. Disclaimer: Your friends will be jealous of your superior pad and will try to rationalize why they haven't bought one.
    • Author Photo
    • Deontae
    • Headland alabama
    • 5
    • What r u waiting 4 order now
    • May 4, 2010
    • by Deontae
    • Omg this pad is so cool,I just got it 5 min feels and looks me it's the best pad on the market rite now
    • Author Photo
    • Tanner
    • Forney, TX
    • 4
    • School
    • May 20, 2010
    • by Tanner
    • Its a great pad! My school has a couple and this pads what i try to play on.
    • Author Photo
    • martin g
    • farmers branch R.L. Turner SNARE LINE
    • 5
    • worth the wait
    • November 10, 2010
    • by martin g
    • My new invader pad arrived yesterday and me and my friends ordered one cause they were not in stock. And we decided to wait till school the next morning to play on it. We played double beat and the feeling of the pad is so beautiful. The god pad had arrived for us. WE LOVE THIS PAD!!!!!!!XD
    • Author Photo
    • buy the pad, buy it
    • 5
    • Just... Wow
    • December 16, 2010
    • by BUY THE PAD
    • I looked it up on youtube and none of the reviews give it justice... i love this pad so much! the feeling of the pad is wonderful, and if you buy it... you wont be sorry
    • Author Photo
    • Steve
    • Ohio
    • 5
    • Worth The Money
    • January 16, 2011
    • by Steve
    • I have to say. The faults of the pad is how loud the rim is but this pad is definitely close to a snare. I'm beginning hybrids and my Ole HQ pad couldnt cut rebound like the V3 did. This pad is worth your money over any pad.
    • Author Photo
    • Nikodim
    • Milford, Delaware
    • 5
    • Best way to spend your $$$
    • February 15, 2011
    • by Nikodim
    • I am a freshman in highschool, and many may say that we have no good advice or thoughts, etc. But listen to me when I say this is the best pad you will ever play on. It definitely feels like the head of a snare, but is obviously quieter. An added bonus is the rim. Rather than having to play rim shots on a normal pad, laying the stick entirely flat on the pad, play now with the REAL rim. It is definitely a plus over any other practice pad. The darkmatter does need to be cleaned at least once a week, but that is easy work. All you need is a rag, armorall and the wax that comes with the pad. Need something to spend $59.95 on? You and I both know you've found it.
    • Author Photo
    • John
    • Moore, Oklahoma
    • 5
    • Best pad I've ever bought!
    • February 25, 2011
    • by John
    • By far the best pad ive ever played on. The only downside to the pad is the loud rim but other than that i get the best rebound ever out of it.
    • Author Photo
    • Andrew
    • Cincinnati, Ohio.
    • 5
    • Amazing.
    • March 9, 2011
    • by Andrew
    • Best. Pad. Ever. Easily replaced all other pads. If you are a serious percussionist. Or a newbie. Whatever you do. A wonderful pad.
    • Author Photo
    • Paul
    • Cypress Texas
    • 5
    • Invader V3 RULES!!!!!
    • March 11, 2011
    • by Paul
    • This is so beast I love the look on this with the red rim I like the red more than the black rim. I have both but I wish I just bought the red rim this is beast go out there any buy it
    • Author Photo
    • snare8
    • california
    • 5
    • BEAST
    • August 15, 2011
    • by snare8
    • i got my pad today and it is amazing im very happy that i bought this pad it costs alot but its woth it get this amazing pad asap !!!!!
    • Author Photo
    • Ivan Luna
    • Houston,TX
    • 5
    • Best pad
    • October 9, 2011
    • by Ivan Luna
    • This is the BEST pad ever!!! it builds chops like crazy toatally worth 60 dollars BUY THIS PAD!!
    • Author Photo
    • Alex
    • TN
    • 4
    • Super durable, good feel, but a bit loud
    • October 11, 2012
    • by Alex
    • Great pad. Got it earlier this year, and it's holding up pretty well. It has a realistic feel, second only to the new Xymox pads. This one is by far the most durable pad out there. The rim is at a great height off of the playing surface, and WILL NOT break or crack. It's actually part of the base, so it will not come off. The DarkMatter playing surface feels great. I clean it regularly, but even if you clean it with Turtlewax and a bit of water, it still starts to break down and lose rebound, and it starts to feel dead. It still feels decent, but after a few months it loses a little bit of its awesomeness. The pad itself is very large, and because of that extra mass and weight, it's pretty loud too. You can fix this by stacking it on top of another pad and it cuts down the volume by about 50%. This is probably one of the most reliable pads that you can get.
    • Author Photo
    • Ohhhhhh
    • Klein Oak
    • 5
    • pretty sick pad
    • November 11, 2012
    • by Ohhhhhh
    • Its a pretty sick pad
    • Author Photo
    • Michael
    • Albany, Ga
    • 5
    • On The One
    • January 17, 2013
    • by Michael
    • I have been a percussionist for many years and by far this is the best practice I have ever used. It is the best thing next to the real thing!
    • Author Photo
    • Jansen
    • California
    • 5
    • February 27, 2013
    • by Jansen
    • I've purchased several pads, and I stopped here! This pad is AMAZING. Not only does it look awesome, but it does a superb job of simulating a marching snare drum. It feels great to drum on, and I love it. Best pad ever. No doubt. Get it!
    • Author Photo
    • Wizard II (CNM)
    • San Antonio, Texas
    • 5
    • I'm a Believer
    • January 25, 2012
    • by Wizard II (CNM)
    • The V3 just arrived today and it is truly the best practice pad I've seen in my 30-years of playing. It has great response, great range capability for dynamics and just simply cool to look at. The V3 has indeed exceeded my expectations.
    • Author Photo
    • wyatt
    • colorado
    • 5
    • cool trick
    • March 24, 2012
    • by wyatt
    • I have had my invader for about a year now and i love it. it is made to fit inside a 14 inch snare drum but my school marches 13s. i recently found out that flipping it over, the rim of the invader fits percectly inside the rim the drum. its perfect beacuse you can play on the bottom.
    • Author Photo
    • phil
    • ohio
    • 5
    • addicted
    • April 17, 2012
    • by phil
    • this pad accualy made practicing addicting
    • Author Photo
    • Ian
    • Kentucky
    • 5
    • Overall great
    • July 13, 2012
    • by Ian
    • This pad is very good. It has great rebound, it feels good to play on, and having a rim is just another great addition. I personally don't like the hollowness sound it has. I do love the sound it's on top of a gum rubber pad. Overall, a great pad.
    • Author Photo
    • Cameron
    • spring, tx
    • 5
    • OM freakin G
    • April 11, 2011
    • by Cameron
    • This pad is amazing!! it adds style to the original invader we all know and love!!!!!
    • Author Photo
    • carl
    • indy
    • 4
    • overhyped.
    • May 1, 2011
    • by carl
    • i was very impressed with the quality of this pad and is a great buy if you spend lots of time on a practice pad in the off-season. My only complaint is this pad, while having decent rebound, still doesnt have the give and flex that even the stiffest snare heads have. it is very firm and will definately give your hands a workout!
    • Author Photo
    • Trevor
    • Iowa
    • 5
    • May 7, 2011
    • by Trevor
    • this pad has amazing chops!!! Any serious percussionists NEEDS one of these! they sound AMAZING especially with Ralph Hardimons.
    • Author Photo
    • zac
    • H-Town TX
    • 5
    • <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    • May 12, 2011
    • by zac
    • this pad is amazing <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    • Author Photo
    • Scott
    • Texas
    • 5
    • Best pad on the market!
    • May 29, 2011
    • by Scott
    • This pad is the best I have ever had and will ever have. It gives a great feel with the gum rubber and having a rim just sums it all up. GREAT!!
    • Author Photo
    • Alex
    • Colorado
    • 5
    • June 5, 2011
    • by Alex
    • It is better than the Vic Firth pads and all other pads Ive ever used, BUY THIS PAD!! :D
    • Author Photo
    • Joshua
    • Georgia
    • 5
    • Cannot put in words the GREATNESS.
    • June 11, 2011
    • by Joshua
    • If I was to explain how awesome this drumpad is (which is hard to do, as a mere human), then this great site would most likely crash, and my brain and the readers would explode. So to prevent that from happening, Im just going to say that if your serious about percussion, buy this pad. If you're not, heck, go ahead and buy this pad. I mean, you dont even have to be a percussionist, JUST BUY THE PAD! Give into the invasion!
    • Author Photo
    • bob
    • colorado
    • 5
    • AMAZING!!!
    • June 15, 2011
    • by bob
    • If you are a serious percussionist then you NEED this pad. And if your family is anything like mine then get the mute made by offworld as well, it was suprisingly very quiet! BUY THE PAD ITS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!!!!
    • Author Photo
    • Dewaun
    • Houston
    • 5
    • best pad ever...
    • June 23, 2011
    • by Dewaun
    • I bought this on a trip to Dallas... Couldn't stop drumming on it the entire way back to Houston. It is literally the best pad you'll ever come across! Buy it now... never look back. haha.
    • Author Photo
    • Daniel
    • Cumming, GA
    • 5
    • Great pad
    • August 6, 2011
    • by Daniel
    • this is the best i've ever used. the rim is a little loud and it needs to be cleaned alot but it is worth ever penny. i would recommend this to anyone even if they're not a drummer. buy this pad now!
    • Author Photo
    • Ryan
    • TN
    • 5
    • Best sounding pad out there!
    • May 26, 2010
    • by Ryan
    • The V3 feels great to play and sounds even better. You really have to hear for yourself to understand, but the sound this thing produces even when playing low is superb! The only knock on it is that the rim seems a little to high and it is extremely loud. However it is made out of very strong material so your sticks will probably break before the rim does!
    • Author Photo
    • Jim
    • Plano, TX
    • 5
    • Holy Freaking Cow. Best Practice Pad Ever!!!!!!!
    • May 30, 2010
    • by Jim
    • the pad is very clear and articulate when u play on it. the rim is very helpful too. GREATEST PRACTICE PAD EVER PERIOD NO IFS BUTS OR ANDS.
    • Author Photo
    • john
    • AL
    • 5
    • OH MA FREAKING GOD!!!!!!
    • June 3, 2010
    • by john
    • best drum pad you will ever buy got mine 2 days ago and i dont want another pad
    • Author Photo
    • Kelli
    • NE
    • 5
    • :]
    • June 15, 2010
    • by Kelli
    • Just got mine today. A giant disc of awesome. :] Feels great, sounds great, the rim is super useful :] Greatest. Pad. Ever.
    • Author Photo
    • AUSTEN
    • 5
    • WOW.
    • July 14, 2010
    • by AUSTEN
    • Author Photo
    • kaylin
    • Satsuma Highschool
    • 5
    • yea
    • August 14, 2010
    • by kaylin
    • got mine in january worked all summer went from pit to snare its amazing
    • Author Photo
    • Jim
    • NY
    • 5
    • Best. Pad. EVER!
    • August 15, 2010
    • by Jim
    • This pad is all you'll ever need. Ping shots, cross shots, dynamics, edge to center expression, actually feels like a drum, no joke here, this is it.
    • Author Photo
    • JP
    • TX
    • 5
    • Amazing
    • September 9, 2010
    • by JP
    • This pad is the best practice pad ever, the rim is super useful and after my drum director tryed it out he made everyone in our drumline and get one.
    • Author Photo
    • brad
    • mi
    • 5
    • i dont like it ...I LOVE IT
    • October 4, 2010
    • by brad
    • amazing pad ..the rim is good for shots and dosent dent sticks.. my only qustion is how do i clesn it???
    • Author Photo
    • Alejandro Benitez
    • Dallas, TX
    • 5
    • Man!
    • November 5, 2010
    • by Alejandro Benitez
    • I recently gotten my drum pad and it is a disc of goodness! I can't stop playing and thanks to the pad, I've gotten much better from using it! It took a little less than a month to arrive but it was worth the wait!
    • Author Photo
    • Khaylan
    • Chicago
    • 5
    • The BEST Pad
    • February 15, 2010
    • by Khaylan
    • The best pad made i always chop even when m mom says it's too loud I still chop thats how addicting it is.
    • Author Photo
    • mike
    • brooklyn,ny
    • 5
    • May 25, 2009
    • by mike
    • personally its the best pad ever because no other pad can give you that feel
    • Author Photo
    • Anthony
    • New orleans,La
    • 5
    • August 4, 2009
    • by Anthony
    • to my point of view ive been drumming for 4 years and ive gone through so many practice pads and i got this one and it feels like im playing on a snare drum. if you dont have one get one trust me.Lonestar percussion is the best order from them
    • Author Photo
    • DrDrum
    • PDX
    • 5
    • May 25, 2009
    • by DrDrum
    • Do yourself a favor and get a hold of one of these! You won't believe it until you do.
    • Author Photo
    • Anoymous
    • Anoymous
    • 5
    • May 25, 2009
    • by Anoymous
    • Best Pad that has been made! Its pretty much indestructible!
    • Author Photo
    • Jeff Loras
    • Carmel, IN
    • 5
    • Offworld Percussion V3
    • May 25, 2009
    • by Jeff Loras
    • I have tried TONS of practice pads and finally got my hands on my own Invader. It's TOTALLY the best pad out there. PERIOD. Wonderful response for playing loud and soft dynamics. It's a great pad for playing with multiple players, as well. You can hear EVERYONE clearly on the pad. The RIM is crisp and articulate. This pad is a must as main pad or to add to your collection!
    • Author Photo
    • T.J. Arko
    • Portland, OR
    • 5
    • Offworld Percussion V3
    • May 25, 2009
    • by T.J. Arko
    • The most realistic-feeling pad that I've tried, and I think I've tried just about all of them. Plus, it has a great stick-saving rim. It definitely counters "pad hands". I've been using mine since last summer, and it has definitely helped my hands more in that short amount of time than any of the other pads that I've had for years! If you are involved in the 'line, or you just need a GREAT pad, you HAVE to get one of these!!!
    • Author Photo
    • Manny
    • Dallas Tx
    • 5
    • May 25, 2009
    • by Manny
    • This Pad Is The Best I Bought It Today At Lonestar Percussion And I Do Recommend You Get One ...It Feels Great
    • Author Photo
    • Joe
    • Atlanta, GA
    • 5
    • May 25, 2009
    • by Joe
    • I used to play on a pad that gave me serious and i mean serious pad hands and it was a big annoyance. I am a fan of the BanishedBeyond vids and after i saw him play on one, i had to try one for myself. when i got mine, i was very impressed. the feel is perfect, the rim is durable, the volume is good to where you can hear your lower dynamics, and it looks SICK!!!! The Invader is a MUST HAVE for any percussionist looking to improve/practice their rudimental chops.
    • Author Photo
    • Aj
    • Colchester, UK
    • 5
    • May 25, 2009
    • by Aj
    • Everything i have heard about this pad is true! I have never had such a great all round pad!I think every base has been covered with and needless to say I will be making sure the rest of the line invests!!
    • Author Photo
    • Beth H.
    • Portland, OR
    • 5
    • Offworld Percussion V3
    • May 25, 2009
    • by Beth H.
    • Fantastic, "real drum" feel and articulation, combined with amazing durability. Possibly the best practice pad ever made, and now the only one I'll ever use. Worth every penny!
    • Author Photo
    • Max
    • Michigan
    • 5
    • May 25, 2009
    • by Max
    • I haven't ordered one yet honestly, but I have played on their space-age rubber, and it feels amazing. With the rim, I felt comfortable and had the flexibility to lay down confident rim shots without dipping my stick down below the desired point, and getting unwanted results when transitioning to a marching drum. WARNING: USING THIS PRODUCT WILL CONDONE BEING A PIMP, PLAYING BETTER THAN ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS, AND JUST BEING AWESOME.P.S. I give it a 10/10.
    • Author Photo
    • unknown
    • PA
    • 5
    • May 25, 2009
    • by unknown
    • I just ordered one about a week ago. It's the best pad ive ever played on! Great reabound.If your reading this, don't waste your time. JUST ORDER ONE!!
    • Author Photo
    • Daniel
    • Wills Point, TX
    • 5
    • May 25, 2009
    • by Daniel
    • This is the most articulate pad I've ever played on. It has the exact same rim size as a normal marching snare. RAMpad is nothing compared to the invader V3
    • Author Photo
    • nick
    • dallas
    • 5
    • May 25, 2009
    • by nick
    • the best practice pad money can buy right now...just like a drum...
    • Author Photo
    • Kevin
    • Dallas, TX
    • 5
    • May 25, 2009
    • by Kevin
    • simply great :D
    • Author Photo
    • nate johnston
    • Collinsville, IL
    • 5
    • May 25, 2009
    • by nate johnston
    • I love this pad it is almost exactly the feel of a regular kevlar head. The only downside is that its kind of heavy