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Vic Firth SMJ Mike Jackson Corpsmaster Signature Marching Snare Sticks

Model # SMJ By: Vic Firth
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      Backordered : Usually ships in 2 to 4 weeks.
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  • Overview

    • Strong, Responsive Hickory
    • Long Tapers
    • Oval Beads
    • Length: 17"
    • Diameter: 0.740"
    • Hefty with More Mass Up Front
  • Item Details

    The Vic Firth SMJ Mike Jackson Signature marching snare sticks have a long neck taper for quick, responsive rebound off of the head, and a very thick shoulder to give you the most volume on standard and ping rimshots.

    They've also got a reverse taper, which is pretty interesting - the stick is actually thinner at the butt than it is where you hold it. This design pushes more of the mass towards the front of the stick, which gives you more overall volume with each stroke.

  • Specifications

    Name Vic Firth SMJ Mike Jackson Corpsmaster Signature Marching Snare Sticks
    Brand Vic Firth
    Model # SMJ
    UPC Code 750795017430
    Sold By per pair
    Number of Orchestra Bells
    Number of Crotales
    Number of Vibes
    Number of Chimes
    Number of Pans
    Number of Xylophones
    Number of Marimbas
    Number of Timpani Sets
    Includes Rhythm Section
    Item Weight
    Response Frequency Range
    Amount of Phantom Power Required
    Connector Type
    Microphone Type
    Polar Pattern
    Number of Voices
    Number of Drum Set Samples
    Sequencer Details
    Display Type & Size
    Number & Type of Connections
    Type of Power Supply
    Octave Range
    Length of Warranty
    Hoop Type 
    Sub Type 
    What's Included
    Surface Type 
    Included Equipment 
    Drum Head Type 
    Number of Mallets 
    Number of Performers 
    Drive Type 
    Footboard Length 
    Transportation Method 
    Number of Drums 
    Part Type 
    Practice Pad Options 
    Seat Type 
    ArtistJackson, Mike
    Minimum Tube Size
    Bore Size
    Bell Size
    Includes Tuning Slide Trigger
    Marching Tuba Type
    Number of Valves
    Exterior Material 
    Interior Material 
    Includes Head
    Is Mountable
    Bowl Material 
    Bowl Type
    Includes Gauges
    Number of Plies
    Collar Type
    Shaft Material 
    Carrier Connection Type
    Mount Type
    Compatible Brands
    Playing Position
    Is Tiltable
    Leg Type
    Maximum Instrument Size
    Minimum Instrument Size
    Number of Feet 
    Base Type
    Is Height Adjustable 
    Thread Size
    Cymbal Finish
    Maximum Height
    Synth Stand Type
    State List 
    Jingle Rows 
    Compatible With 
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    $119.90 Bundle Sub Total

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    • 3.5
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    • December 1, 2012
    • by Robert P.
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    • 32
    • Author Photo
    • sam t
    • Ca
    • Drummer (4 yrs), Student (2 yrs)
    • Pros

      • Weight Distribution
      • Sound
      • Feel Amazing
    • Cons

      • None
    • 5
    • Best Sticks Ever
    • October 14, 2018
    • by sam t
    • The best sticks ever made.
    • Author Photo
    • Micah P
    • East Lansing, MI
    • Drummer (10 yrs)
    • Pros

      • Create a wide arrange of shot sounds on drums.
    • Cons

      • Hard to find very dense pairs.
      • Pairs are either very heavy and produce a low pitch, or produce a very high pitch but weigh little.
      • All of the best pairs go only to the top DCI/WGI groups.
    • 2
    • Sound great, nearly impossible to find good pairs.
    • January 25, 2018
    • by Micah P
    • Let me begin by stating that every pair Vic Firth ever makes are always laser straight, pitch paired, and weight matched within extreme tolerance, but they do not guarantee you high-density pairs of sticks. When you get a really dense pair of these, they are phenomenal. They are arguably the most musical sticks that Vic makes particularly with all of the possible rim shot colors. However, there are many drawbacks to these sticks particularly with the quality control. It is virtually impossible to receive a very dense, high pitch, heavy weight pair unless you are a performer in a top 12 drum corps or a World class finalist WGI group. Pairs either produce a desirable high pitch and weigh very little, or have a proper heavy weight and produce an awful low pitch on the drum. This poor quality causes the shot zone to have little durability and buyers will go through these sticks very quickly. A university I was employed with actually ran out of pairs before the end of the season and they order 110 pairs annually! Due to this and the density issues, they are switching to a different Vic model.
    • Author Photo
    • Darryle M
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • Drummer (5 yrs), Teacher (2 yrs), Student (5 yrs)
    • Pros

      • great sound, nice feel
    • Cons

      • takes a minute for the hands to warm up to them
    • 5
    • I LOVE THEM!!!
    • October 30, 2015
    • by Darryle M
    • They have a great feel and nice sound. They take some getting used to, but after about 5 minutes you'll be in love!
    • Author Photo
    • eric v.
    • birmingham, al
    • Drummer (20 yrs), Teacher (12 yrs), Student (35 yrs)
    • Pros

      • very nice feel (after taping)
    • Cons

      • none
    • 5
    • mike jackson corpmasters
    • September 9, 2013
    • by eric v.
    • The college drumline I marched with in the late '90s used Regal Tip 3S sticks, which have been discontinued for some time now. I've been searching for something comparable, and I think these are the fix! While slightly longer (0.2") and a little thicker, they have the long taper and oval shaped bead I was looking for. Just like the RT 3S, they're not so great straight out of the box, but after a round of tape, they feel really nice and bouncy!
    • Author Photo
    • VoteLobster
    • TN
    • 5
    • Great all-around stick
    • February 12, 2013
    • by VoteLobster
    • I really like these. Unlike other VF sticks, (like Hardimons & Tom Aungst indoor sticks), this stick is pretty beefy and feel very dense (for VF sticks, which I've experienced to be a little lighter than IP sticks). I really like the substantial feel in my hand with these. They rebound easily and quickly, achieve good sound quality, and ARE NOT PAINTED! The wood feels a lot better on the hands than paint (or tape if you leave the fulcrum open). They're a little thicker than FS-PRs, but not quite as heavy as Casellas. The width is perfect, but they could be a little heavier. I'm not being picky. Overall, these feel great.
    • Author Photo
    • VK 2011
    • Santa Barbara, CA
    • 5
    • Watch the video
    • December 8, 2011
    • by VK 2011
    • The video explains it all, these sticks are nice and beefy sounding but high pitched, great for fast rolls and loud accents, beefy shots and pings. They are dense and last a long time, I used these for a summer of DCI