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We want your used, broken, ugly cymbals!

Like many drummers, you're probably sitting on a stack of used or cracked cymbals - hey, it happens. Good news: we'll pay you for them. We'll take those cymbals off your hands and pay you in-store credit towards the purchase of new cymbals.

We send your old cymbals up to Canada, where Dream Cymbals recycles them into raw material to become new again - the first program of its kind!

Any cymbal made of B20 bronze alloy (sometimes called 'bell bronze') is worth $2 per inch; all other cymbals (except brass) are worth $1 per inch. If you're not sure what your cymbals are made of, just Contact Us and we'll tell you.

As if that wasn't enough, we'll pay the shipping cost to get your old cymbals to us. (valid only in contiguous United States)

This chart explains how it works:

Old Cymbal In Store Credit
Zildjian 16" A Custom Crash
B20 Bronze
16" x $2 per inch
Dream 14" Bliss Hi Hat Pair
B20 Bronze
14" x 2 x $2 per inch
Sabian 18" B8 Pro Ride
Not B20 Bronze
18" x $1 per inch

Take Up To 50% Off New Cymbals

You can use the trade-in value of your old cymbals towards a maximum of 50% of the price of new cymbals. Want some new cymbals that cost $300? You can use up to $150 in-store credit towards the purchase.

To ship your used and broken cymbals here (or ask about what kind of cymbals you have), call toll free 1-866-792-0143 or Contact Us and we'll arrange pickup of your trade-in cymbals.

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